Why Remote Working Is Here To Stay

We live in unprecedented times. The world is changing in many ways and one of them is the way we work. Remote working is now part of our lives and all signs suggest that it is here to stay. There is a lot of debate around this subject with many corporates wanting employees back in the office and many employees resisting. But let’s have look at one of the reasons non remote working does not work for many people.

You can’t put the genie back in the box.

Many people have moved away in the last couple of years and now live too far from their offices or headquarters. Many have moved to the suburbs or from the suburbs to the countryside. Most people want to live in a house with a garden, enjoy traffic free roads, feel more connected with nature and have more space. The availability of good internet, working from home and the ability to commute easily has made this possible for many people. City living is great but it has a lot of downsides

Why are people moving out of cities?

The higher cost of living is the first advantage that people typically think of when considering moving away from a city. Major cities always have higher costs than suburban areas, and London generally has some of the highest in the UK – which means you’ll likely spend more on renting London for a 2 bedroom flat than a 4 bedroom house 70 miles away. Food, travel, parking, permits everything costs more.

But money isn’t the only problem. We all hate the morning commute. Trains are packed the traffic is horrendous and there’s a lot of frustration which ends up having an impact on your mood and the way you feel about work too.

Crime is a particularly worrying subject especially for young couples looking g to start a family. According to the Office for National Statistics, rates of violent crime are by far the highest in London than other parts of the country. The fact is, if you work in London and live outside of the city – your risk of being a victim of crime is massively reduced.

Pollution is another issue that many people are worried about. In January this year, air pollution in London reached its worst levels on record. Toxic air particles have been linked breathing problems, heart disease, strokes and dementia.

The list of reasons for moving away from cities is long, but the fact that people are doing it suggests that something needed to change. The fact that many people have moved away though and many more are now in the process, is a strong indicator that corporates will struggle to get everyone back in the office. After all the morning commute is impossible if it is two and a half hours long.

Perhaps working remotely is not such a bad thing after all? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!