Pith & Stem uses so much plastic!

And we are proud of it.

Okay, let us explain...

Plastic waste is a huge environmental problem. Take these eye-opening facts from the National Geographic:

This is not good enough.

We decided that we had to play our part in the fight against this entirely man-made ecological disaster by championing the use of recycled plastic as a key material in our products.

We have partnered with a supplier of recycled plastic sheeting which is durable, sustainable and easy on the eye, incorporating it into our Thames coffee table range, with more designs to come.

Each sheet tells the tale of the thousands of individual pieces of plastic from which it is comprised – the CD cases, plastic cups, milk bottles, packing material, and food containers. Every time you order one of our products featuring recycled plastic not only do you receive a stylish and chic piece of furniture, you also take a stand against an environmental scourge, supporting an industry that was unimaginable a century ago, but which is absolutely vital now if we are to turn the tide.

Head over to The Shop to check out our full range.

Partnership with Tree Nation

We just planted 30 trees through Tree Nation, an international non-profit organisation, and paid pretty much £50.

These 30 trees alone will absorb almost 200 kg of co2 every year for 30 years totalling an amazing 5.93t of co2, after which they will be harvested, used for our benefit and replaced with 30 new trees.

Offsetting your co2 emissions or even part of your emissions is now easier than ever. This is so easy and the cost is so small, that it really leaves no room for excuses. Picture this – for £50 a month in 10 years your company would have planted a small forest of 3600 trees!

Here are just a few ways trees are amazing:

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