Creating The Perfect Multi-Use Space At Home

The pandemic year has awakened the world to the possibilities of multi-use space in the home. Previously considered as the place where we eat, sleep, and relax, most of us now spend more of our time at home working, learning online, and trying to keep ourselves healthy.

The demand for flexible and efficient space is more important than ever before.

Whether you live in a home in the suburbs or a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre, we have all likely been using rooms for more than one purpose. Dining room tables used as a make-shift office, and living areas converted into a cluttered workout space give off an aura of chaotic disarray. But with a few creative design elements and a strategic sense of organisation, the perfect multi-use space is easy to achieve.

Think about integrating the critical elements of work-life balance.

The size seems to be getting smaller but the basic design of homes and apartments haven’t changed much. What has changed are the things we need to accomplish with the available space.

Reimagining what a room could be used for, rather than being trapped by traditional functions is a good way to begin. Many formal dining rooms are rarely used outside of holidays or special occasions, so why waste the floor space for most of the year? Maybe you have a guest bedroom crowded with a queen-sized bed, and you only have overnight visitors a few times a year. It’s time to think outside the box - your imagination is the only limit to how a space can be used. Think about integrating the critical elements of work-life balance: health, family, work, and leisure, within a convenient space in your home.

The best way to begin designing a multi-use space is to take advantage of multi-functional furniture like a fold out desk. With pieces of furniture that transform into something else or conveniently fold away, you won’t be limited to having either a bedroom or a workout room, or a dining room or an office. Focus on arranging the space for the activities that mean the most to you.

Unique solutions and tools that fit your lifestyle.

For the health conscious, folding and storable treadmills and bikes have been around for a while, and new fitness equipment options that mount on the wall and even connect online to live personal trainers are the next wave in exercising at home. High-tech fitness companies are changing the way we view the integration of a healthy lifestyle with home life. Now the movement towards work-from-home has presented opportunities for unique home office furniture as well.

A home should always still feel like home, so a good rule of thumb for any furniture that must act in double-duty, such as a sofa that converts to a bed, or a piece that folds and hides away, is that it must retain both style and functionality in either configuration. When it comes to creating an elegant and functional workspace for the new generation of flexible working professionals, nothing compares to the DropTop.™ space saving desk from Pith & Stem.

DropTop.™ hideaway desk is the first artistic solution to provide a professional office-type space that is fully integrated with monitors to plug-and-play with any laptop, and then easily converts into an element of modern decor. When not in use, this wall mounted drop leaf table offers space for family and leisure and adds an ingredient of style to any home. DropTop.™ has made having a home office possible for almost everyone regardless of how compact their home might be, and is the leader in innovative work-from-home solutions.

We live in unprecedented times. The world is changing in many ways and one of them is the way we work. Remote working is now part of our lives and all signs suggest that it is here to stay. There is a lot of debate around this subject with many corporates wanting employees back in the office and many employees resisting. But let's have look at one of the reasons non remote working does not work for many people.

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