DropTop.™ Classic

DropTop.™ Classic, our complete working from home solution.

Designed for daily professional use, the classic range offers ample additional screen real estate and generous desk space to help you work comfortably and efficiently.

Thanks to our custom designed rugged hinges that are discreetly and practically embedded within the desk, Droptop.™ Classic offers a desk surface free of restricting stays and supports. The desk can be leaned on and used without worry or concern about how much weight and strain is put on it. Fully assembled straight out of the box, with a contemporary minimalistic, clutter-free style, all powered and connected with just a single cable.

With fully customisable artwork, and multiple frames and finish options, DropTop.™ can be tailored to suit any space.


There is a lot more in the design of DropTop.™ than meets the eye.

Designed from the ground up to be versatile, practical and resilient for everyday use. DropTop.™ is customisable and can be upgraded to meet your demands whilst providing a slick, clutter-free working environment with minimal cables on show.

Custom patented hinges.

Height adjustable VESA monitor mount.

Cable management slot.

Integrated power supply for the monitor.

A choice of 5 finishes.

Lock to keep the DropTop.™ securely closed when not in use.

Wall plate

The fixing bracket was designed to be strong and simple to install.  Once the bracket is fixed in place the DropTop.™ simply slides on. 

It is designed to spread the load across a large surface area allowing the DropTop.™ to be fixed to most wall types, from thin plasterboard and wooden walls to concrete, breezeblock and brick walls. 
Installation instructions
Plasterboard Wall >Brick wall >


The power cable on the underside of the DropTop.™ supplies power to the whole unit and can be easily removed when not in use; keeping your home neat tidy and cable-free.  

A piece of art

Why have a messy desk cramping your style when you can have a decorative focal point. Choose from our handpicked selection of artworks or upload your own in the DropTop.™ configurator.

Looking to make a change?
The frame simply unclips and can be replaced with a new, updated artwork. 

Additional pictures can be purchased from our shop. 



Choose a monitor from the DropTop.™ configurator and it will be supplied fully installed into your DropTop.™

Want to fit your existing monitor?  Simply check the dimensions within the product details to see if DropTop.™ can accommodate your monitor. To install your screen simply affix your monitor to the pre-installed universal VESA mount bracket. 


For the ultimate clutter-free experience, DropTop.™ Duo can be ordered with the iTec Dock that not only provides a seamless 4K triple screen setup but also charges compatible USB-C  laptops and MacBooks, all through the same cable.

If you have a laptop that does not charge through USB-C, you can opt for the award-winning Targus Dock, which offers the same seamless triple screen setup,  in Full HD resolution, through a  USB-A cable and has a 2nd cable with interchangeable tips, designed to charge most windows laptops. 

Colour options

Premium White

Premium White

White Halifax Oak

White Halifax Oak

Oiled Kendal Oak

Oiled Kendal Oak

Truffle Brown Davos

Truffle Brown Davos

Black Brown Sorano

Black Brown Sorano

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24" Monitor
29" Ultrawide
27" Monitor
34" Ultrawide
Two 24" Monitors
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