The world’s first fully-integrated, plug-and-play, wall-mounted workstation and folding desk, with sustainability at its core.

Three features of modern life have come into focus since early 2020.
We are seeking a healthy work-life balance more than ever.

We are spending more time than ever working from home.

We are all relearning what it means to be productive.
DropTop.™ is our groundbreaking response to this situation. Easy-to-install, high performance and customisable, it is your new go-to solution for productive, efficient and comfortable home-working.

DropTop.™ Wall-mounted, folding desk.

DropTop.™ is practical (ergonomically designed to promote healthy posture), strong (constructed using the toughest grade hardwood ply, with custom-made hinges), ethical (made with FSC certified birch plywood) and stylish (with customisable colours and finishes – you can even add your own favourite photos or artwork to the face).

Setting up DropTop.™ is simple and it folds away easily and discretely at the end of the day, with a lock for privacy and removable power lead. DropTop.™ is there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t. The perfect space-saving computer desk.

DropTop.™ comes in three configurations: The original DropTop.™ Duo with two inbuilt 24″ monitors, DropTop.™ Single with an ultra-wide 29″ integrated monitor and DropTop.™ Single-Max with an inbuilt 34″ ultra-wide monitor.

Droptop.™ fold away desk with inbuilt monitors

High performance.

DropTop.™ is ready to boost your productivity straight out of the box; in fact, as standard, each unit comes equipped with flicker-free, LowBlue mode and full-HD monitors in either a 29″ widescreen, 34″ ultra-wide screen or dual 24″ monitor configuration. DropTop.™ is plug-and-play ready, with no faff or complicated installation so you can start work right away with HDMI connectivity on our DropTop.™ Single models, or via DisplayLink single cable USB/USB-C charging and connectivity, compatible with both laptops and Macs on the DropTop.™ Duo.

Everything in one place.

DropTop.™ provides you with all the space and features you need for comfortable and sustainable home-working. The monitors are positioned at the optimum height and distance to promote healthy posture, while the spacious working area (up to 120cm x 66cm) allows ample room to move freely while seated. There are also built-in storage areas for all of your essentials, and the whole unit is designed to be the ideal space-saving folding desk solution for a small home-office setup.

Space-saving fold away computer desk

Fully customisable.

Personalise your DropTop.™

Your custom-tailored DropTop.™ can be styled to suit any interior, and with interchangeable picture inserts, your DropTop.™ can be easily updated any time you fancy switching up your decor. Choose the finish of the unit interior, picture frame and finally either select one of our wide range of stylish designs for the face from photos to abstract art or send us any high-definition image for printing for a totally unique finish.
Increased Productivity.
Expand your horizons with two screens for increased productivity. Research shows a dual monitor set-up can increase productivity by over 40% as well as decreasing the amount of printing, saving waste paper and ink. Compare documents, email whilst referring to a report or conduct video calls whilst updating a document all without using your printer.


DropTop.™ Duo features DisplayLink® technology, providing future and backwards compatibility for any operating system, platform, or USB connector. Traditionally powered laptops also connected via a USB-A deliver up to 4K resolution across your device and the integrated monitors. Single-cable connectivity, including charging and extended 4K resolution is available with the USB-C dock. 



Strong wall mounted computer desk

It really is. DropTop.™ has been designed for strength and built to last. The easy way would have been to use some form of tie supporting the desk to the body of the unit – but we knew there was a better way! So we worked hard to develop extremely strong hinges to support skateboard grade plywood, then tested and adapted until we were 100% satisfied.

P.S. Don’t try this at home, it may hurt your feelings and damage your wall.


Absolutely. We offer a wide range of stylish designs for the face from photos to abstract art, and you can send us any high definition image for printing. These are easily interchangeable thereafter to suit any decor changes. You will be able to buy faces from our shop in the near future too.


DropTop.™ works with all laptops and Macs.

Simply connect your device through the USB or USB-C cable found inside the unit and that’s it – enjoy being productive again!

If you are lucky enough to have a newer laptop with USB-C charging compatibility you will love the freedom and likewise the elegance of our single cable connection.

If your laptop does not have a USB-C connection, go for the standard USB option and worry not, we have thought of everything. The standard USB unit comes equipped with a second universal power cable, taking care of your laptop’s charging needs accordingly.


Yes, two years. We are proud of the high quality of our manufacturing and furthermore only want to sell you one DropTop.™

They are designed for strength and built to last. As you may have seen on our adverts, we have really put them to the test.


For every DropTop.™ we sell, we plant ten trees through Tree Nation, a global non-profit focused on afforestation, agroforestry and reforestation. It really is that simple. One purchase results in ten trees planted sustainably on projects around the world. You can find more about Tree Nation on their website. As with our entire range of sustainable furniture, we care about the materials we use.

The wood we use is FSC certified birch plywood.


We have designed DropTop.™ to be easy to install and equally simple to take off and cover the holes if you do not own the house you live in.

There is a steel bracket that needs to be secured to the wall with screws or the plasterboard fixings provided and DropTop.™ slides securely onto the bracket. It’s that simple!

You do not need a technician to install a DropTop.™ In fact if you are confident to hang a mirror straight, then you will do just fine with a DropTop.™


DropTop.™ is a plug and play solution therefore you do not need to buy anything else. It comes fully assembled, equipped with high quality Full HD monitors, with narrow-border displays, resulting in a seamless experience. They are (literally) easy-on-the-eye, with Flicker-Free technology and LowBlue Mode, and have IPS LED wideview technology that makes them ideal for professional applications demanding colour accuracy and consistent brightness at all times.

The monitors are linked to a dock and a power junction box, therefore giving the advantage of having only the power cable and a single USB connected to your laptop.