The Ultimate Fold Down Desk Buyers Guide 2023

Are you struggling to find a workspace solution that fits your limited space? Fold down desks are the perfect answer, providing a functional and compact option that can be easily stowed away when not in use. In this ultimate guide, let’s discover the best fold down desk for small spaces, explore different materials and customisable features, and learn how to choose the perfect fold out desk for your needs. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized and efficient workspace!

Short Summary

  • Find the perfect fold down desk for small spaces with wall-mounted, compact and stylish options.
  • Consider material choices such as laminated manufactured wood, solid wood or metal frames when selecting a fold down desk.
  • Measure space requirements, set a budget and evaluate features to find the ideal fold down desk that meets your needs.

Top Fold Down Desks for Small Spaces

Fold down desks offer a slimline, functional design that can be quickly stowed away when not in use, making them an ideal option for small spaces. The two primary categories of folding desks are wall-mounted folding desks and compact foldable desks with storage.

From the stylish DropTop Folding Computer Desk to the spacious, practical Coavas Folding Computer Desk, there’s a folding desk to suit every taste and requirement. So whether you’re looking for a desk that doubles as a decorative piece or one that can be easily packed away after a long working week, rest assured that there’s a perfect folding desk waiting for you.

Wall-Mounted Folding Desks

Wall-mounted folding desks, also known as floating desks, are designed to be mounted to the wall, providing a space-saving and discreet workspace. These desks are perfect for small spaces, as they blend seamlessly with your decor and can be simply folded up when not in use. The 27” Fold Out Desk from Pith & Stem is an excellent example of a wall-mounted folding desk, featuring a choice of colours for the frame and ample space for a laptop and a cup of coffee.

Some wall-mounted folding desks even offer hidden storage compartments, like the Anzio Folding Wall Desk with its unique terracotta shade. Whether you’re using the Fläpps Secretary White Folding Desk as a breakfast table for four or a space-saving workbench, these versatile wall-mounted folding desks cater to various needs and preferences.

Man sat at fold down desk in a home enviroment.

Compact Foldable Desks with Storage

Compact foldable desks with storage are perfect for small working spaces, offering ample storage space for items such as books, documents, and other office supplies while still being easily foldable when not in use. The Habitat Compact Folding Office Desk is a great example that’s perfect for studying.

The Pith & Stem Folding Computer Desk is another excellent option, available in various finishes, including black, dark wash wood, and white credit, and featuring two tiers for ample storage space. With these desks, you can enjoy a clutter-free workspace that maximises functionality and style without compromising on storage.

Stylish and Functional Fold Down Desks

For those who value aesthetics as much as practicality, stylish and functional fold down desks are the perfect choice. The best fold away desk will combine the practical convenience of folding down with visually appealing designs that enhance your home office aesthetic. The House of Home Multifunction Folding Desk, for instance, features folding legs and a wooden top, providing a sleek yet functional workspace.

Another example is the Tyonna Desk, which offers a compact wooden construction with a metal frame and a premium laminated manufactured wood desktop. These desks prove that you don’t have to compromise style for functionality, allowing you to create an inspiring workspace that suits your unique taste.

Material Choices for Fold Down Desks

Image of wood layers used in a fold away desk.

Fold out desks are typically constructed using laminated manufactured wood, solid wood, or metal frames. Each material offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and understanding the differences can help you make a more informed decision when selecting the right fold down desk for your needs.

Laminated manufactured wood is a cost-effective option that is lightweight and easy to store and assemble.

Laminated Manufactured Wood

Laminated manufactured wood is a type of wood composite material composed of layers of wood veneer and resin, making it a durable and cost-efficient material that is frequently used in furniture. The benefits of laminated manufactured wood include its affordability and resistance to scratches and dents. However, it is not as robust as solid wood and may become warped over time, and it is not as visually appealing as solid wood.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and resilient choice for a fold down desk, laminated oak or manufactured wood is still a viable option, albeit with a potential for warping over time.

Pith & Stem Fold down desks being constructed.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a natural material comprised of a single piece of wood, renowned for its strength, durability, and timeless style. The advantages of solid wood include its durability, aesthetic appeal, sustainability, ease of upkeep, and timeless design.

However, solid wood may be costly, heavy, and vulnerable to damage from humidity and temperature fluctuations. When selecting a fold away desk made of solid wood, consider its advantages and disadvantages to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

Metal Frame Desks

Metal frame desks are constructed with a simple metal frame and other materials, such as wood or plastic, and are known for their strength, durability, and versatility. These desks are available in a range of colours and finishes, offering a modern and sturdy option for fold down desks.

However, they can be more expensive than other materials and may be more prone to rust and corrosion. When selecting a metal frame fold down desk, consider its benefits and drawbacks to ensure it meets your requirements.

Customisable Fold Down Desk Features

Custom art work on a DropTop fold down desk.

Desks that save space offer a variety of customisable features to suit your unique needs and preferences. Some of these features include adjustable shelves and storage, height-adjustable desks, and multiple finish options.

By understanding the available options and their benefits, you can find the perfect hideaway desk tailored to your specific job requirements, simply fold it when not in use.

Adjustable Shelves and Storage

Adjustable shelves and storage allow you to tailor your fold down or wall-mounted folding desk to your specific needs, offering versatility, space optimization, flexibility, customisation, ease of cleaning, and easy storage. Fold down desks with adjustable shelves and storage include drop-down desks with shelving, wall-mounted folding desks, and additional storage options to suit your needs.

When selecting a fold down desk with adjustable shelves and storage, consider the dimensions of the items to be stored, the available space, the desired aesthetic, and the budget.

Height-Adjustable Desks

Height-adjustable desks provide ergonomic benefits and adaptability for various tasks, allowing you to adjust the desk’s height to suit your needs and preferences. A work from home desk, such as the Blue Elephant Height Adjustable Standing Desk, are an example of this type of desk.

When selecting a height-adjustable desk, consider the size of your area, your budget, and the kind of tasks you will be utilizing the desk for.

Multiple Finish Options

Multiple finish options allow you to match your fold down desk with your existing decor, providing:

  • Increased versatility
  • Improved visual appeal
  • Compatibility with a variety of assembly technologies
  • Heightened durability
  • The ability to customise

Fold down desks are available in a range of finishes, including wood, metal, and laminate.

When selecting a fold down desk with multiple finish options, consider the style of your existing decor, the size of the desk, and the type of material that will best suit your needs.

Fold Down Desks for Different Purposes

a small, cozy modern interior with a closed murphy desk as a picture of a shipwreck and breach

Fold down desks are versatile and designed for different purposes, such as writing, crafting, and portable lap desks. By understanding the available types and their benefits, you can find the perfect fold down desk for your specific needs and preferences.

Fold down desks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. They can be.

Fold Down Writing Desks

Fold down writing desks offer a dedicated space for focused work and creativity, providing a functional and compact option that can be easily stowed away when not in use. Some examples of fold down writing desks include the Butler Style Writing Desk with Foldable Legs, the Mare Desk with adjustable height and folding capabilities and the wall mounted drop leaf table that can be stored flush with the wall.

When selecting a fold down writing desk that meets your requirements, factors such as size, price, portability, storage options, and transformation possibilities should be taken into consideration.

Fold Down Desks for Crafting and DIY Projects

Lady drilling hole in wall to install a drop down desk.

Crafting and DIY project desks provide a versatile workspace with ample storage for supplies, allowing you to focus on your projects without worrying about space constraints. These desks come in various styles, including wall-mounted folding desks, compact foldable desks with storage, and stylish and functional options.

When selecting a fold down desk for crafting and DIY projects, consider the materials used in the desk’s construction, as well as the customisable features available.

Portable Folding Lap Desks

Portable folding lap desks offer a convenient solution for working from the comfort of your bed or sofa, providing a compact workspace that can be easily stowed away when not in use. Examples of portable folding lap desks include the Autumndeer Foldable Laptop Bed Table Lap Desk Stand and the Tyonna Desk, which features a metal frame and a folding desk top made of laminated manufactured wood.

These portable folding lap desks are perfect for those who value comfort and convenience while working or studying.

How to Choose the Right Fold Down Desk for Your Needs

a large fluffy brown dog sitting on a fold out desk with a screen and MacBook pro in a bright light brown coloured bedroom.

To choose the right fold down desk for your needs, it’s essential to measure the available space, establish a budget, and evaluate the features and materials that best suit your needs.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision and find the perfect fold down desk for your home office.

Measuring Your Space

Accurately measuring your space is crucial to ensure your fold down desk fits perfectly and maximises functionality. To do this, measure the length, width, and height of the area where the desk will be placed, and ensure the desk you select will fit.

Additionally, consider the necessary clearance for the desk to open and close correctly.

White fold out desk with measurements and dimensions displayed.

Setting a Budget

Setting a budget helps you narrow down your options and find a fold down desk that meets your financial constraints. When establishing a budget, consider the cost of the desk, the materials utilized, and any extra features desired. By adhering to your budget, you can expect to obtain the most value for your money and find a fold down desk that suits your needs without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, fold down desks offer a versatile, space-saving, and stylish solution for small spaces and various purposes. By understanding the different types, materials, and customisable features available, you can find the perfect fold down desk that meets your specific needs and preferences. So whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted folding desk, a compact foldable desk with storage, or a stylish and functional option, there’s an ideal fold down desk waiting for you. Embrace the benefits of a fold down desk and transform your workspace today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are folding desks any good?

Folding desks are great for small spaces, easy to set up with no assembly required, and a perfect solution for anyone without a home office.

They are lightweight and portable, so you can take them wherever you go. They are also affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and colours.

What is a Murphy desk?

Murphy desks are a type of foldable desk that can be stored away flat against the wall when not in use, giving you the benefit of having a dedicated workspace without sacrificing your valuable space. They usually come with shelves, drawers, or pegboards for better organization and storage.

These features make Murphy desks an ideal choice for those who need a workspace but don’t have a lot of room to spare. They are also great for people who need to switch between different activities, as they can easily be folded away and stored when not in use.

Can I use a folding table as a computer desk?

Yes, you can use a folding table as a computer desk. It has plenty of room, is sturdy, and as long as you secure any dangling wires and keep the CPU outside the table, it should work just fine.

However, it is important to make sure that the table is stable and secure. You should also make sure that the table is the right height for you.

What materials are commonly used in fold down desks?

Fold down desks are usually made from a combination of laminated manufactured wood, solid wood, and metal frames, creating a sturdy and reliable design.

What are some popular types of fold down desks?

Popular types of fold down desks include wall-mounted folding desks, compact foldable desks with storage, and stylish and functional options.

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