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How to get productive working from home in 2022. | Pith & Stem.

Tip #1 create the perfect home-office setup.

Working from home is fantastic! Right? It certainly can be and be an ideal environment for many but without proper planning it can be a disaster. Mental health statistics are suggesting that the majority of professionals that are now working remotely are still struggling with the transition resulting in high anxiety levels and burnout.

What may seem like perks of being able to perform your job from the comfort of your own home may also be distracting and an obstacle to getting the most out of your working day. Having the comfiest sofa, TV, a fully stocked kitchen, a games console and you pets or kids around you may seem like an amazing benefit of having your home as your office but without discipline these can soon have a negative impact on your work.

Not only can these distractions result in less productivity, but they can also be detrimental to your health. A healthy routine is good for your wellbeing and losing the commute to work for many can mean losing their only daily exercise. Having your whole kitchen at your disposal can mean eating more than you usually would at work. Companies invest a lot of money to ensure that the equipment you use meets health and safety and provides you with a comfortable and correct working environment. So, although the sofa may be comfy, or the kitchen table and dining chair may seem like the most practical solution but these are far from ideal for your body, your mental health and your productivity. Poor desk posture can lead to health implications affecting your back, neck, wrists and eyes (among others) and working in uncomfortable positions will affect your mood in a negative way.

So how do we stay productive, and ensure we have a healthy working posture at home with no health and safety teams keeping an eye on us?


Here we look at some top tips to staying safe and productive:

So, in summary, treat your home-office be it a separate study or a dedicated area of a living or bedroom as your place of work. Treat it like you would your office, dress appropriately and be disciplined with your time. Use the correct equipment and invest in a purpose-built desk and chair and you will find working from home as productive as working in the office and will ensure you maintain healthy posture!

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