Working from Home

The Working from Home Revolution.

In the past year, nearly half of the working population have worked from home at some point. In this time our day-to-day vocabulary has expanded to include terms that were only previously found in the realms of science fiction. Terms like lockdown, social distancing and quarantine are now a part of everyday life but they can leave us all feeling very penned in and isolated. From these new lifestyle restrictions though, new technologies have been born or developed as we continue to adapt to our new surroundings and way of life. We are after all, as a race, quite a resourceful bunch. Video conferencing apps like Teams and Zoom have become just as much a part of modern life as telephone calls and emails. Although there are many new restrictions on our lifestyle and social freedoms, (please let the pubs hurry up and open again!) working from home has brought a great deal of freedom and positives to many. Gone for so many people is the dreaded commute, savings up to thousands for those using trains to get to work. More flexible working hours, dress code and savings on travel and food costs not to mention office running costs for businesses have led many people and companies to look to make working from home a permanent solution going forward. Some are even dubbing this the working from home revolution.   

Although working from home may appeal to many, for some it is not as ideal as it is for others. As the demand for housing increases the number of new-build flats and smaller houses, many simply don’t have the space to dedicate a whole room within the home to be a home office. For every worker who has the luxury of a separate home study, there are those working on their kitchen or coffee table, or working their laps without a dedicated workspace. This can lead to inefficient setups and can create health problems with poor working postures. Other challenges that come from working from home include managing your own schedule and personal time and keeping a clear separation between work and personal life.   

Here at Pith & Stem, we have come up with a solution that addresses the key challenges that face those looking to adjust to a working from home set up. We have launched the World’s First Fully integrated, plug and play, wall-mounted workstation, the DropTop.™ and in keeping with the Pith and Stem. ethos it has sustainability firmly rooted in its core.  

DropTop.™ is a fully customisable, easy-to-install, drop down desk for comfortable, efficient and stylish homeworking. Featuring a dual monitor set up for increased productivity, it folds away easily and discretely at the end of the day, allowing you to both work from the comfort of your home, whilst maintaining a clear distinction between your work and home life routines. It is there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t.  

The unit is practical and strong, being designed to promote a healthy posture and is constructed using the toughest grade hardwood ply, with custom-made hinges. Sustainability sits at the heart of Pith & Stem. So the DropTop.™ is made with FSC® certified birch plywood and for every DropTop.™ sold, Pith & Stem. plant ten trees through its partner, Tree-Nation – a global non-profit focused on afforestation, agroforestry and reforestation. Lastly, we like to think it’s pretty stylish too, with customisable colours and finishes – you can select one of our range of hand-picked designs or even send us your own high-resolution pictures or artwork to have a totally unique design.   

Utilising DisplayLink® technology, DropTop.™ is compatible with all major operating systems and features a single cable USB charging connectivity, coming ready to plug and play with, flicker-free, LowBlue mode and full-HD monitors.  

“Working from home comes with many environmental, social and economic benefits,” said Stefan Husanu, Pith & Stem CEO and DropTop.™ designer. “Nonetheless, many people have come to dislike it over the past year, even though it was once their dream! Factors behind this include it being uncomfortable, the lack of correct tools or workspace, and the inability to find that work-life balance. We can’t let these be an obstacle to something that has such a positive environmental impact, however. That’s why we created a home-working solution that fits every space and makes productivity fun, comfortable and stylish.”