We care passionately about using business as a source for good.

Sustainability underpins our entire creative process, from the selection of raw materials, through our cutting-edge design process, to production and everything in between.

We are aware of our responsibility to our people, our communities and our environment, refusing to work on projects that sit at odds with our mission.


We use a variety of woods and timbers, sourced from waste management centres, recycling centres, refurbishment projects and condemned scaffold boards from local scaffolding companies.  All our new timber is sourced from suppliers signed up to the Forest Stewardship Council, the world’s most trusted sustainable, non-profit forest management solution. Please visit the FSC’s website for full details on how they promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.   On top of what the producers and our suppliers do to fulfil FSC’s requirements we actively sponsor tree planting schemes worldwide.  


We use an absolute minimum of virgin plastic in our products, and make a point of exploring how we can creatively reuse British-sourced, traceable and closed-loop recycled plastics. You’ll find this recycled plastic across our range, reflecting our desire to champion it as a durable, attractive and environmentally-responsible material.  Our suppliers have sustainable manufacturing policies that seek to minimise waste, maximise efficient sourcing and transportation (within 50 miles of the manufacturing unit) and uphold or exceed all the relevant environmental regulation to the plastics industry.


Although we buy some new steel profiles and sheets, the majority of the steel in our products is surplus sections from metalwork fabrication companies,  stockholders, metal recycling centres, refurbishment projects and collected from the public.

Reclaimed steel furniture
sustainable furniture


Our waxes and tints are based on natural plant oils (sunflower, soya, thistle) and waxes (carnauba and candelilla), and dry safe for humans, animals and plants. The use of plant ingredients also creates an even colour and finish that matches the timber whilst protecting it.


We take steps throughout our manufacturing to generate as little waste as possible. Plastic and timber that we cannot use gets sent to EcoWaste (a local company that sends zero to landfill) and our metal off cuts to Gibbs, another local company that sends on our steel to be recycled.

Reclaimed materials


We will regularly show you where the materials we use come from and share some of the daily stories from behind-the-scenes.

Sourcing materials can be challenging and their stories upon entering our studio are always different. Some batches of wood come in long lengths, some small. The thickness is not always the same either. Supply chains are currently built for the extraction and use of virgin materials, making it far easier and cheaper to source new instead of used. This is wrong and only if the demand asks for sustainability will the supply listen.

We work very closely with recycling centres, skip hire companies, refurbishment contractors and scaffolding companies to ensure a steady source of materials.


We intend to reinvest a significant proportion of our profits in projects that make a positive impact.
We measure our success by a carbon-positive outcome across the lifecycle of all our products.

All our policies undergo regular periodic review. If there is anything you feel we could be doing better, please do get in touch!