Partnership with Tree Nation

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We just planted 30 trees through Tree Nation, an international non-profit organisation, and paid pretty much £50.

These 30 trees alone will absorb almost 200 kg of co2 every year for 30 years totalling an amazing 5.93t of co2, after which they will be harvested, used for our benefit and replaced with 30 new trees.

Offsetting your co2 emissions or even part of your emissions is now easier than ever. This is so easy and the cost is so small, that it really leaves no room for excuses. Picture this – for £50 a month in 10 years your company would have planted a small forest of 3600 trees!

Here are just a few ways trees are amazing:

  • They purify water and slow down rain by filtering it with their roots, prevent erosion and reduce the risk of saturation and flooding
  • They produce oxygen
  • In addition to absorbing CO2, trees also absorb many other harmful pollutant gases
  • They cool the air and our planet
  • Trees provide habitats to many species and medicine to humans