The Black Thames Round Coffee Table is contemporary, chic and robust, combining a circular sheet of silver-flecked recycled plastic with matching raw hotrolled steel legs, finished with a clear lacquer.

£195.00 incl VAT

Why ‘Thames’? London’s great river sadly has some of the highest recorded levels of microplastics for any river in the world, with scientists estimating 94,000 microplastics per second flow down the river in places. It’s shameful for one of the world’s most iconic tributaries to be so severely polluted, and we have named our plastic-containing product range in its honour. Every time you buy from the Thames collection, you support the vital work of companies taking a stand against the scourge of plastic pollution in our waterways.

Our plastic table tops are made from recycled plastic waste here in the UK. They are a modern alternative to plywood which is typically imported into the country and comes with a heavy carbon footprint. They come in black or white and retain a silver-flecked, porous appearance.

For a more rugged look, our welds can be left unground. Natural bobbles and excess weld stock result in a unique finish on every join. Or for a more refined look, our welds can be ground down to leave a flush and neat, seamless finish.

Weight15 kg
Dimensions72 × 72 × 43 cm