Max Classic

Use the configurator to personalise your very own DropTop.™


The DropTop Max Classic is a sleek and space-efficient wall-mounted desk designed to accommodate 27" or an extra-large 34” ultra-wide monitors. With a large 102cm x 62cm worktop, you'll have ample space to spread out and optimise your workflow. Choose from a range of colours to match your style and elevate your work-from-home game today with the DropTop Max Classic.

  • Pre-assembled.
  • Custom hinges that can hold up to 75kg in weight.
  • Optional integrated monitor.
  • Monitor space of W:84cm x H:38cm x D:11cm
  • Full-motion extendable monitor mount
  • Interchangeable artwork for personalised style.

Optional dock with a single cable that charges your laptop and connects to a monitor.

The Dock also has extra USB-A and USB-C ports and an ethernet socket.

Plug sockets for the monitor are supplied as standard on all Classic DropTop units.

A Cable management cover allows the cables to be routed through the shelf and also into the cable cavity.

Top mounted lock for locking your DropTop closed when not in use.

Our custom designed and manufactured hinges allow for unprecedented stability and strength, without the need for any additional support.

Two security screws so that the DropTop can't be lifted accidentally off the wall bracket.

Extendable VESA monitor mount.

Optional one or two power sockets.

Slot to allow the VESA mounts height to be adjusted.

Cutout in the back for hooking the DropTop onto the wall plate.

Power cable for the monitor socket are impeded into the back of the DropTop.

Cables can be easily routed inside the DropTop from outside.

Examples are: Desktop PC, Ethernet cable and USB extension cable.

The cable cover is easy to removed and replace.

Compatible Monitor Sizes

The DropTop Max Classic has space for up to a 27" monitor or 34" Ultrawide monitor.

Maximum size:  Width 84cm x Height 38 cm x Depth 6cm.

What is in the box

DropTop Max Classic

  • Fully assembled DropTop Max Classic
  • Extendable monitor mount
  • Wall plate
  • Plasterboard wall fixings
  • Brickwork wall fixings
  • Power cable

Optional Extras

  • One 27-inch monitor
  • One 34-inch ultrawide monitor
  • USB-C Dock 
  • Power Socket


Optional Extras


i-tec USB-C Dual Display Docking Station

  • Compatible with USB-C and Thunderbolt laptops & tablets.
  • 1x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI supporting up to dual 4k/60hz or a single 5k/60hz display. macOS only supports a single extended display
  • 6x USB ports including 5x USB-A and 1x USB-C
  • Provides 100W power delivery
  • Ethernet supports network speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds.
  • Power saving mode to reduce energy consumption when not in use.

34" Monitors

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