The Shell-Mex Clock 007

This table clock stands at over 26cm tall and weighs 9.5kg. Cut straight from an original British Steel Girder and features 4 metal rivets to mark the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour marks on the clock face,

£495.00 incl VAT

The Shell-Mex building, otherwise known as 80 Strand, is one of London’s more iconic buildings situated on the Thames. Having previously been the home of both the Shell-Mex corporation and the RAF the Shell Mex Building certainly has a lot of history. Opened in 1932, and featuring striking Art Deco styling, it stands at over 58 metres tall and is also home to the UK’s largest Clock face on its southern side. So when the building started a redevelopment project and we had to opportunity to reclaim and rescue from landfill original 1930’s steel girders from the site we knew just what to do with them.

Our range of Shell-Mex Clocks are all made from original British Steel Girders, with many pieces embossed with the iconic British Steel brand. Each clock was originally part of girders that formed the structure of this famous building and have been cut but hand to make truly one of a kind individual timepieces. Finished with a clear lacquer these pieces, and their cuts appear rugged and extreme but are smooth and safe to touch.

The clocks can be ordered with a choice of hands and give you the opportunity to own a piece of history and a unique statement timepiece.

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 29 × 26 cm