We have combined reclaimed sanded and waxed scaffolding boards, raw hotrolled box steel and patina steel mesh to make the Faraday Coffee Table. Ideal for giving your office or living room a striking and smart focal point for meetings or relaxation.

£395.00 incl VAT

Why ‘Faraday’? The height of a double-decker bus, and part of Southwark’s Elephant & Castle’s landscape since 1961, the Grade II-listed Faraday Memorial is that giant metal cube that squats imposingly in Elephant Square in SE1 as a memorial sculpture to the Victorian scientist Michael Faraday.  As a fitting tribute to a man celebrated for his discoveries in the fields of electromagnetic induction and of the laws of electrolysis, the memorial contains an electric substation for the nearby London Underground lines. We love its bold, unapologetic style – iconic when it was first built, and still totally original half a century on.

Reclaimed, sanded, and waxed scaffolding boards add warmth and rustic charm to our furniture. Once these Pine planks reach the end of their professional life we save them from the incinerators, wax and lightly sand to leave them with a natural, raw finish. These boards retain all of their original character with beautiful imperfections that make each piece we make unique. Our wood is treated with Osmo Wax Oil and comes in three finishes.

For a more rugged look, our welds can be left unground. Natural bobbles and excess weld stock result in a unique finish on every join. Or for a more refined look, our welds can be ground down to leave a flush and neat, seamless finish.

Patina Steel Mesh: A patina is a surface coating on a bare metal surface formed by a chemical reaction. It is different from applied coatings like painting and powder coating in that the effect is caused by actually reacting a solution with the metal surface. This results in a unique pattern and finish on every piece of steel we use.

Weight46 kg
Dimensions120 × 70 × 46 cm