Simple and sophisticated, the Fenchurch Mirror combines reclaimed sanded and waxed scaffolding boards with steel staples to add an elegant, contemporary touch to your wall.

£195.00 incl VAT

Why ‘Fenchurch’? One of London’s most iconic skyscrapers of this century is located at 20 Fenchurch Street; it’s commonly known as the Walkie-Talkie. In 2013, as the building was reaching its final height across the Thames from the Shard, stories started to emerge in the press that its reflections of the sun were so powerful that they were melting parts of cars parked on the street below! By 2014, the problem was solved when the building was fitted with a permanent sunshade and car owners could breathe a sigh of relief. We give a nod to this quirky story of London’s 21st century architecture in the name for our mirror.

Reclaimed, sanded, and waxed scaffolding boards add warmth and rustic charm to our furniture. Once these Pine planks reach the end of their professional life we save them from the incinerators, wax and lightly sand to leave them with a natural, raw finish. These boards retain all of their original character with beautiful imperfections that make each piece we make unique. Our wood is treated with Osmo Wax Oil and comes in three finishes.

Weight23 kg
Dimensions145 × 116 × 7 cm