Sturdily made with refurbished sanded oak floorboards, raw hotrolled box steel and patina steel mesh, the Sloane Square Coffee Table is a stylish centrepiece for your living room or office, exuding laid-back coffee house vibes.

£395.00 incl VAT

Why ‘Sloane Square’? Well… it’s one of our more obvious tributes, to the famous SW1 square named after Sir Hans Sloane (1660–1753), an Anglo-Irish doctor who owned the land at the time of the square’s laying out in 1771. Chelsea is one of London’s style meccas and a place oozing with artistic creativity.

We give our refurbished, sanded, floorboards a second life, as we believe these gorgeous natural planks still have so much to offer. Originally produced for flooring means they are already machined with a smooth and flat finish making them perfect tops for our more refined table ranges. Our wood is finished with Osmo Wax Oil comes in three finishes.

For a more rugged look, our welds can be left unground. Natural bobbles and excess weld stock result in a unique finish on every join. Or for a more refined look, our welds can be ground down to leave a flush and neat, seamless finish.

Patina Steel Mesh: A patina is a surface coating on a bare metal surface formed by a chemical reaction. It is different from applied coatings like painting and powder coating in that the effect is caused by actually reacting a solution with the metal surface. This results in a unique pattern and finish on every piece of steel we use.

Weight 45.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 46 cm