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What is a wall-mounted desk?
A wall-mounted desk is a desk that is attached to the wall, rather than sitting on legs or a base. It can be a great space-saving option for small rooms or offices.
What is a DropTop?
A DropTop is a wall-mounted foldable desk. It is a great space-saving option for working from home, as it can be easily folded away when not in use
What is the material used for the DropTop™ fold down desk range?
The DropTop™ desk range is made from premium quality particle board. Sustainability is at the heart of Pith & Stem’s products. The particle boards consist of a mix of recycled wood from the forestry industry. These high-quality boards are scratch resistant and have antimicrobial properties. The boards leave a minimal CO2 footprint, by utilising locally sourced wood. The boards are certified FSC and PEFC. Utilising particleboard means the desks are lightweight to mount on the wall, with strength at a premium. The DropTop™ range can accommodate weight of at least 50kg on the worktable!
Does the DropTop™ fold down desk require self-assembly?
The DropTop™ Classic range comes fully assembled and just needs mounting on your wall. Technology is an optional extra you can choose to add in the product configurator, found at the top of each DropTop™ Classic product page in the DropTop™ shop. The DropTop™ Light range comes flat packed for easy home installation and wall mounting, without the inclusion of technology.
Is technology included in the DropTop™ desk?
Technology, such as monitors and docking stations, can be added to the DropTop™ Classic range in the configurator found at the top of each product page in the DropTop™ shop. You can also opt for your DropTop™ Classic to come without additional tech, to install your own. The DropTop™ Light range comes with cable management and a vesa mount as standard, ready for you to put your own tech into.
Do you have a showroom?
We don't have a showroom, but you can view and customize our DropTop desks on our online shop page
Can I upload my own image for the wall art for the front of the DropTop™ fold down desk?
Yes, you can upload your own artwork for the DropTop™ Classic range. Simply opt to upload your own photo in the configurator displayed at the top of each product page. The DropTop™ Light range does not have wall art on the front and instead opts for the sleek wood front finish. Click here to find out more about the DropTop™ fold down desk range.
Do you offer a home installation service?
We do not provide home installation services at this time.
Is there a monitor mount included in the DropTop™ range?
Yes, all of the DropTop™ fold down desks come with an extendable universal vesa mount as standard. The extendable vesa mount extends up to 38cm, and when retracted is 5cm in depth. The Extendable monitor mount has an articulating arm to allow for adjusting the monitor via vertically tilting, horizontally swivelling, and rotating 180 degrees, as well as outwards and inwards. We also offer tilt or slim monitor mounts on request, when extra space is needed for deeper monitors. Please note that iMac monitors need to be vesa mount compatible and have the ability to have the stand removed, to fit within the DropTop™ Classic or Light range.
Does the DropTop™ range come with UK electrical sockets only and can I add more?
The DropTop™ Classic range comes with universal plug sockets to power the screen(s) as standard. Depending on which DropTop™ Classic desk you opt for, you will always have 1-2 of these universal sockets free to use as you wish as only 1 is needed to power each screen. We use a 2-plug option on our DropTop™ Classic singular screen units, and 2 x 2-plug sockets on the dual screen DropTop™ Classics. You can opt for additional sockets on the configurator at the top of each product page in the shop.

Yes, for the additional sockets we offer UK or International plug sockets, or USB is also an option. For the power cable you have the option of: UK, EU, US, or AU. DropTop™ Classic desks arrive fully assembled, and can operate as ‘plug and play.’ The DropTop™ Light range does not come with power sockets or cable but does have cable management installed, ready for you to install your own tech.
Is it possible to order the DropTop™ Light range without the stays (the metal rods on the sides of the desk)?
The DropTop™ Light fold down desk range is designed as a flat-pack range made for easy home assembly. It is a lighter and more economical design that allows for the installation of your own monitors. The stays provide added support for the top when it is open, so they are an integral part of the design and cannot be removed.
If I opt for a dock, will I need external software installed on my computer?
If you have purchased a DropTop Classic with the large i-tec USB-C Dock you will need to download the relevant DisplayLink drivers for your laptop/MacBook to allow full use of the extended screen displays. The small dock does not require drivers or other software to be downloaded.

To download the driver, please click the link below and select the relevant driver for your operating system, and follow the installation instructions within the downloaded file.
Can I get a custom DropTop?
Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate custom designs due to ongoing projects. However, we encourage you to send in your custom request throught he our contact us form.
Can I get a minor modification made to the DropTop?
We may be able to accommodate modification requests depending on the nature of the request. Please submit your request through our contact us form, and we will review it.
Can the DropTop™ desk be installed on both plasterboard and brick?
Yes, installations packs for each are included within your DropTop™ package.
Will my monitor fit in the DropTop desk?
Please ensure to check your monitor's height and width dimensions without its stand and compare them with the available monitor space in your chosen DropTop desk.


Do you ship globally? What are the shipping costs?
Yes, we ship internationally from our UK-based manufacturing HQ and studio. Shipping prices are generated by our shipping partner, DHL, automatically when inputting your address at checkout. UK VAT is removed at this point. Please note international orders may be subject to local customs duty or VAT. Please check your local customs website or sources, for insight into local costs.

We offer international shipping to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States, subject to terms and conditions. Due to the current conflict, please contact us for an Israel shipping quote.
How long will it take to receive my DropTop?
The estimated lead time for our DropTop range is shown on the Shop page. Please note that delivery times may vary based on current demand and your location. You will be provided with tracking information once your order has shipped.
What logistics partner do you use for shipping?
We use DHL as our logistics partner for shipping.
How are shipping rates calculated?
Shipping rates are calculated based on your shipping address entered on the checkout page. The rates are determined by the weight and size of the package, as well as the destination.
What about VAT and taxes?
Orders placed for delivery within the UK will include VAT at 20%. Orders shipped outside of the UK will not include VAT, which will be automatically deducted at checkout after entering your international shipping address. However, these orders may be subject to local import VAT and customs fees in the destination country. Please check with your local customs office for more information.

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If you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please fill in the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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