World Earth Day 2021

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Shop sustainable furniture to help support World Earth Day.

World Earth Day is held annually on April 22nd to drive support and awareness for environmental protection around the world. The theme recently has been heavily focussed on climate change, but all environmental issues are covered and address by this unified world movement. The first world Earth day was on April 22, 1970 in America but has grown to now include a global set of events coordinated by EARTHDAY.Org.

The support for the first ever event far exceeded expectation with over 20 million people taking to the streets across America to support the event for what was supposed to be a localised protest march in San Francisco. The first World Earth day is still regarded to be the largest single day protest in history! It is estimated over a billion people from over 190 countries world-wide now take part in some way in this event. 

The World Earth Day theme for 2021 is to ‘Restore Our Earth’, and a large part of restoring our Earth is addressing the imbalance in tree cover that our planet has. Global tree cover continues to decline, as forests are continually cleared for logging, agriculture and grazing land. 

Organisations like Tree-Nation continue to fight against global deforestation and are home to 90 planting projects from 33 different countries. Pith & Stem have partnered with Tree-Nation to support this movement and have pledged to plant 10 trees for every DropTop.™ they sell. DropTop.™ is a wall-mounted folding computer desk made from FSC certified wood and in the first week of release, Pith & Stem sold 100 units of DropTop.™ which means later this year we will be sponsoring 1000 trees to be planted through Tree-Nation. 


As well as using FSC certified wood, and sponsoring tree planting programs DropTop. ™ also comes with an optional wooden frame made from reclaimed pine scaffolding boards. For every piece of reclaimed material we use in our projects be it one of our reclaimed scaffolding board frames, reclaimed metal girder TV Units, or recycled plastic coffee tables that means there is one less item heading for the incinerators or landfill. 

By shopping for sustainable furniture, with brands like Pith & Stem or upcycling old items into new pieces we can help reduce our carbon footprint, help promote a positive change in tree cover and support the World Earth day movement in our own small way. 

The next release of DropTop.™ will be on the 25th of April, so to join the waiting list to secure your own unit head over to