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Tall man with green jumper closing his wall-mounted desk in a modern white interior and his brown fluffy dog sitting on the bed behind him

Restoring the barrier between a relaxing home space, and a productive work environment.

Pith & Stem is leading the WFH movement. We are driven by the desire to make remote working life the perfect blend of productivity and balance. We are against this ‘always on’ working world and advocate for clear work-life boundaries. We are starting a rebellion. Join the WFH revolution.

Pith & Stem was founded in 2020 by Stefan Husanu to solve a problem he was witnessing time and time again during the Covid pandemic… that we were all struggling to work from home in our makeshift ‘offices.’ It was affecting people’s mental and physical health, not to mention marriages and relationships!

The modern home was not built for work. Blending work and personal life in an environment that doesn’t cater for both can lead to stress, exhaustion, and burnout. No wonder burnout is on the rise globally in recent years, with 79% of UK employees saying they feel close to burnout.

With this resounding problem ringing in Stefan’s mind, he went to the drawing board to conceive a solution to this overwhelming issue, that so many around the world were facing. The DropTop™ wall-mounted desk was born.

The DropTop™ self-contained wall-mounted workstation is there when you need it and wall art when you don’t. Welcome to the future of home working.

  • Man sat next to a fold away desk that has been folded up for space saving in the home.
  • Man sat at fold down desk in a home enviroment.
  • Closed DropTop desk with mountain image.
  • DropTop space saving desk in white with two screens connected.

Pith & Stem are on a mission to enable remote workers to reclaim their homes.

Creating the much-needed physical boundary between work and life, restoring the barrier between a relaxing home space, and a productive work environment.

The DropTop™ wall-mounted desk enhances productivity by up to 42% and empowers users to leave the working day behind, by simply closing their desk. Instantly work transitions to out of sight, out of mind, enabling their home to become a relaxing space again and not considered an extension of work, long after the working day ends.

Since we sold our first DropTop™ in April 2021, we have delighted thousands of customers, across 36 countries as they welcomed their very own DropTop™ into their homes. The feedback has been amazing, with DropTop™ being described as “life changing” time and time again. This reaction fuels us forward to further innovate and bring more products to market that will further enrich remote workers lives.

a large fluffy brown dog sitting on a murphy desk with a screen and MacBook pro in a bright light brown coloured bedroom.
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