Are you struggling to work efficiently with your current working from home setup?


Are you enjoying WFH or having to work longer hours to achieve your working goals?


Is your work invading your living space making it difficult to switch off from work?

DropTop.™ Wall-mounted folding desk.

Remote working comes with great environmental and personal benefits but it also comes with many challenges. Modern homes are not WFH friendly. Space is limited and desks rarely make a good look.

We have developed a range of smartdesks specifically designed for the modern home, with the needs of the 21st century proffesional in mind. 

DropTop.™ is the world’s first fully integrated, folding desk and wall-mounted work station with inbuilt monitor displays. 

When working from home, treat the job and the workday with the respect it deserves, but also respect your home life and keep the two separate.

More than just a folding wall desk, DropTop.™ is a total home office solution. The floating desk element is both practical and stylish, saving space and being fully customisable means it seamlessly blends into any home environment. The integrated monitors provide an instant multi-screen workstation, able to rival the best corporate office setups.

There when you need it.

 Art when you don’t!

Thanks to its unobtrusive design, DropTop.™ is the answer to creating a healthy work/life balance in a busy home.

Work Smarter.

Having the right work from home setup is essential to working efficiently. A comfortable, ergonomic setup, with screens at eye level and a large desk-space will help you achieve maximum productivity without the extra effort.

Enjoy Productivity.

A 2017 study by Fujitsu found that two monitors increased productivity by 25 percent compared to single-monitor setups. Three monitors increased productivity by 35%. That's the equivalent to gaining 3 hours back, out of an 8 hour shift.

Boost your productivity with a workstation built specifically for the modern home.

Find Your Balance.

Being able to step away from work at the end of the day is crucial to be able to come back refreshed for the challenge the following day. If challenged for space, what better way to separate the two than to simply close away your fold down desk when not working.

Everyone makes a difference.

Travel and transport is the largest source of carbon emissions in the UK and our daily commute accounts for a quarter of these. During lockdown 2020 emissions fell by up to 70% of the previous year. This showed, as a society we could function and even thrive working from home and have a positive impact on the environment. Join the working from home revolution to not only improve your work life balance, gain back precious hours in your day, and help combat one of the single biggest sources of air pollution.

What can I do?

We can bring sustainability into all aspects of our lives, from cutting out single use plastics to eliminating unnecessary journeys and recycling wherever possible. Reducing the amount we use our cars is one of the single biggest impacts we can make as individuals. Here at Pith & Stem we incorporate sustainability into every product we make. To promote remote working and to help obviate the daily commute we have developed a range of smart desks aimed at boosting productivity and efficiency when working from home.
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