Our planet is changing. We are facing a climate and ecological emergency that is costing thousands of lives around the world. Floods, droughts, forest fires and tropical storms are putting millions of people’s homes and livelihoods at risk.


You can be a part of the solution or otherwise part of the problem. What you can’t be is altogether neutral. We cannot negotiate with climate change. We must radically rethink our daily behaviour – how we eat, live, shop – or we will face the consequences. To avoid the worst of this, societies and industry have to change massively.




At Pith & Stem we have made our choice – enabling people to shop more sustainably, by taking materials that have served one purpose and then giving them new life as beautiful, durable products built to last for generations.

What changes can I make?

We can bring sustainability into all aspects of our lives, from cutting out single use plastics to eliminating unnecessary journeys and recycling wherever possible. Here at Pith & Stem. we are expert furniture makers, and our ethos embraces sustainability in every product we make. Reducing the amount we use our cars is one of the single biggest impacts we can make as individuals.

To promote remote working and to obviate the daily commute Pith & Stem. have developed a range of products aimed at boosting productivity whilst working remotely to help both employees and businesses thrive in a new working from home era.

DropTop.™ Wall-mounted folding desk.

Pith & Stem. Home of DropTop.™ the world’s first fully integrated, folding desk and wall-mounted work station with inbuilt monitor displays.

Ready to plug and play connectivity, DropTop.™ provides a perfect space-saving home office set up. Droptop.™ is so much more than a wall-mounted desk, it’s a full work station set up that’s there when you need it and becomes a beautiful piece of framed wall art when the working day is done.

As with all we do here at Pith & Stem, Droptop.™ has been built with sustainability at its core, made with FSC certified skateboard grade plywood. For every DropTop.™ we sell we plant ten trees with our partner Tree Nation, therefore protecting our planet for future generations. If you are looking for ethical, practical and beautiful space-saving furniture, the perfect solution for a small space home office set up, then look no further than DropTop.™

Sustainable furniture.

Custom handcrafted furniture from recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials.

Where others may see waste and materials destined for the incinerator or landfill, we see opportunity. Opportunities to not only protect our planet one skip load at a time but to make something beautiful. Creating bespoke, contemporary and sustainable furniture responsibly from reclaimed materials is at the forefront of everything we do at Pith & Stem. Whether choosing one of our striking range of modern wood and metal tables, shelving units or TV stands, or commissioning your own unique contemporary designs, we use either reclaimed or responsibly sourced materials in every step of the process.

Modern furniture made from composite materials such as MDF not only contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde but are also susceptible to water damage and not made to last. Buying solid wood furniture and hand-made products from reclaimed construction materials not only helps protect the environment but also ensures you have beautiful furniture made to stand the test of time.


To make the problem, the solution.

The problem: natural resource depletion through overconsumption and therefore unnecessary waste.

The solution: using the materials that we already have to create durable goods that can then be cherished for generations.

We can reduce deforestation and support the ending of mineral and oil mining by reusing readily-available materials that have already been extracted, inherited from the hard work of previous generations. We hope to inspire businesses worldwide to use their creativity for the greater good and further the campaign for sustainable living.


We create bespoke, practical furniture by up-cycling locally-sourced materials, thus saving unnecessary waste from landfill. Our manufacturing process combines traditional handcrafting techniques with cutting edge technology. These methods, coupled with durable, environmentally friendly finishes, achieve stunning results utilising a wide variety of readily-available materials.

All of the design and assembly happens at our dedicated studios in Hertfordshire, England. Expertly undertaken by a small team of passionate, like-minded individuals, we strive to create unique objects that are equally bold, beautiful and built to last.