9 Rituals to Boost Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Working from home can blur the lines between work and personal life, leading to stress and burnout. Creating a balanced routine is key. That’s why we have created nine practical rituals to help you stay productive and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 1. Morning setup and orientation Taking this time for a quick overview of […]

7 Reasons to opt for a hideaway desk

In today's world, working from home is no longer unusual. In fact it is quickly becoming the norm with 53%* of new job postings being hybrid or remote in the UK. With this shift, creating an efficient and comfortable workspace within our homes is more important than ever. Enter the hideaway desk – a modern […]

6 Tips for a Healthy Working Team: A Guide for Managers

The imperative of employee wellbeing May marks the UN's Employee Health and Wellbeing Month, emphasising the crucial role of workplace health in the overall productivity and satisfaction of employees. As remote work is fast becoming a norm, the line between personal life and work life increasingly blurs, making it all the more essential for managers […]

Celebrating Employee Health and Fitness Month: The Benefits of Mindfulness at Work.

Why mindful breaks are essential for remote workers Working from home – a setup once seen as a temporary solution or a privilege for the few – has now become a widespread reality for many. While this shift offers remarkable flexibility, it also blurs the lines between personal life and work. This May, during Employee […]

The Pomodoro Method and Reducing Burnout

The Pomodoro method, a simple yet profoundly effective productivity tool, has become a cornerstone for those seeking to enhance their work efficiency, especially when working from home (WFH). This time management method, devised by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, utilises timed intervals of focused work followed by short breaks to boost concentration and reduce […]

7 Tips for Dealing with Imposter Syndrome When Working from Home

Guest article by Mike JonesFounder of BetterHappy.co.uk What is imposter syndrome? Although nobody wants to deal with imposter syndrome, it's actually a very normal human trait. For over one hundred thousand years, we lived as hunter-gatherers and, over that time, our minds have developed certain traits to increase the likelihood of survival. Two of those […]

Exploring the New Flexible Working Act

In the landscape of modern employment, flexibility has become a cornerstone of work-life balance. The UK has taken a significant step forward with the new Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023, which comes into effect from 6th April 2024, setting a new precedent for workers and employers alike. Navigating The New Flexible Working Rights Starting […]

Eco Conscious Office Furniture - Building Towards a Sustainable Future

When you think of particleboard, you might imagine a material reserved for budget-friendly, DIY assembly furniture - but let's turn this notion on its head. At Pith & Stem, we're redefining the workspace with sustainability at our core, and our choice of materials is anything but ordinary. Let's dive into why our DropTop™ Classic and […]

Office Ergonomics and Productivity

In the hustle of daily tasks and deadlines, it's easy to overlook the space where the magic happens: your workspace. Pith & Stem is on a mission to transform the way we work with our monthly challenges. This month's challenge is: Design Your Own Workspace. It's an invitation to create a haven of efficiency and […]

Creating a Cohesive Environment When Working from Home with Your Spouse

Introduction: The New Dynamics of Home Working with Your Spouse The introduction of remote work, especially since the pandemic, has not only rewritten the script of modern relationships but also emphasised the importance of physical spaces in influencing our emotional well-being and relationship dynamics. Gone are the days when partners would bid farewell at the […]

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