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In a world where remote and hybrid working are the new norm, DropTop.™ is the perfect remote working solution.

As stylish as it is practical, DropTop.™ gives your clients and guests all the tools they need to maximise productivity whilst away from the office. All whilst complimenting your interior decor and styling.


Droptop.™ is perfect for any hotel, providing the ultimate in-room desk solution, even for the most compact of rooms.

Give your guests more space by removing the classic bulky desk, whilst also providing start-of-the-art remote working facilities. Imagine how wowed they would be with access to a super powerful, ergonomic, workstation at any given time, no longer having to settle for just their laptop.


Capitalise on your unused communal areas to enhance your business client facilities without compromising your floor space or aesthetics. Install in breakout areas and lobbies, where it can enhance the decor whilst allowing guests to access their emails, or work on their presentation before a meeting or conference with a coffee or glass of wine.


Need the ability to flex your desk capacity without changing your office size or layout? Does your team work on a hybrid model that results in varying number of staff in the office at one time?

The DropTop.™ is the perfect solution. There when you need it, out of sight when you don’t. No need to have desks sitting unused or to store temporary desks. DropTop.™ provides an instant multi-screen setup for your team, hidden behind a stylish framed piece or art or custom print when not in use.


In a world where remote and hybrid working are the new norm, DropTop.™ is the perfect remote working solution.

DropTop.™ is our groundbreaking solution to remote working in the 21st Century. Whether you are looking to have a home office setup that doesn’t compromise your living space, or looking to upgrade you’re working from home setup to maximise productivity, DropTop.™ is the ultimate home office solution.

Lease example for a DropTop.™ Pro M

The benefits of leasing include:

  • Rentals remain fixed for the full duration of the lease agreement
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible
  • Simple upgrades often with no noticeable change to your rental costs
  • Your valuable working capital is protected
  • Installation and maintenance included
Monthly payments from£32.60
Total cost£1956.05
Less 19% Tax Relief– £371.65
Net cost of finance£1584.40

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